Traditional Materials

I sell a variety of home-made traditional materials including:

Lime Wash

Called "the King of Paints" lime wash is totally breathable, and it is non-toxic. It is suitable for use on lime renders and plasters inside and out. I can supply some standard colours or I can match a colour of your choosing. 

Clay Paint

Clay paint is totally breathable and is non-toxic; it dries to a chalky matt finish and is suitable for most internal rooms. I supply some standard colours or I can match a colour of your choosing.

Milk Paint

There can't be many paints more traditional than milk paint. It was used for cave paintings, and a number of artefacts discovered in Tutankamen's tomb were painted with it. Based on milk, lime and pigment it is a natural alternative to oil-based or gloss paint for use on wood. I can supply in any colour that you like.

Lime Plasters, Renders and Mortars

I supply lime plasters, renders and mortars for any specified task. These are made with mature lime putty and locally sourced sand.

Please contact me by phone or email for specific details including prices and delivery options for any of the products above. Contact

This photo shows yellow lime wash on lime plaster.