Lime Pointing

I do complete re-pointing of walls or patch repair pointing both inside and out. Examples are shown below of work in England and France.

This is the attic of an old vicarage in North Derbyshire. The modern plaster has been removed from the wall and it was decided to point the wall instead of re-plastering as it would make the room look bigger and brighter.

The pointing started on one side of the wall.

This loft has been converted into a bedroom and the colour pattern is very light in order to make the room seem as large as possible. A little feature wall has been pointed with very light sand and very white lime.

The wall of this old farm labourer's cottage in Southern France was lime rendered. The render has mainly worn away as can be seen on the lower half. It was decided to point the rubble wall rather than re-render.

A closer look at the top half pointing